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*polite notice: if you add me without commenting on this post I will not add you back. Please let me know who you are and how you found me.*

This journal is 99% friends only, save for the occasional post about pop culture and tv.
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Queer-baiting and LGBTQ+ representations in popular television

Well, well, well. It's really rather terrible of me to come and post this when I have not updated about my actual life in months (and there's been some big changes!) but here goes - my girlfriend has started writing her dissertation and the topic is queerbaiting, she has put together a very short survey that takes less than 5 minutes to fill out. The initial survey is just about people's understanding of the word queerbaiting and which shows do it, but you can also leave your email address to be contacted further and help out with a 2nd part of the study. Particularly applies to people who watch or watched Supernatural, Rizzoli and Isles, Once Upon a Time and BBC Sherlock.

Dissertation Survey: Queer-baiting and LGBTQ+ representations in popular television

You are also welcome to share the link in your fandom circles. The more the merrier, and the broader the spectrum, the better! Anyone can take the survey regardless of sexual orientation, in fact you could take it even if you think queerbaiting isn't a thing!!
Do leave a comment if you do it and/or share it. Thank you all so much!

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friends cut

Ok, as I browse back I've also decided to do a small friends cut. It won't really reduce the volume of posts I have to read, but there's a couple of people who did remove me (and that's fine; I understand why, really), and a couple others that I've never interacted with/couldn't recall a single thing about. Or I do recall things about but they simply haven't posted in ages and I don't know if they're still here.
I'm screening comments if you think I've made a mistake or want to insult me but I hope it doesn't come to that :')
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I take unimportant things very seriously indeed

Would anyone care to help me out with an AU I'm writing? It's set at Hogwarts, and it could be classed as a crossover I guess as there is mention of some canon HP characters but in fairness, that is only to set the tone and not because the characters will actually be utilised at all.

As this is sort of an experiment I thought I would need help deciding which subjects my characters are going to like best and get OWLs/NEWTs in. Kind of like stamping, if you will. A lot of my flist is much stronger than me in their HP knowledge and can probably connect the character's personality traits to one subject or the other.

As an additional thing, you could also tell me what magical career you think these characters might go for, once they leave Hogwarts, as the fic will follow them into adulthood. I will be screening comments so you don't influence each other.

I will also have a Phase 2 where I make this post public so I can invite everyone from HiH and the Ravenclaw Common Room to stamp, but I'll start off small for now with just the people on my flist who know me best.

[Character 1]
Character 1
Age: 18
Blood status: pure-blood
Personality traits:
feels like she doesn't belong a lot of the time
comes across as an extrovert, but appreciates time alone
draws and paints as a hobby but is kind of secretive about it
strong mathematical skills
doesn't like sports
did not get a high enough grade for a Potions NEWT
tends to form bonds with all ages and Houses and is looked down on by the more elitist Slytherins
would have an interest in Astronomy I feel

[Character 2]
Character 2
Age: 17
Blood status: half-blood
Personality traits:
is quirky, not popular but definitely renowned
is friends with everyone, but doesn't attach to anyone in particular - this is due to a betrayal from her best friend in the first year
tends to be scatterbrained, gets lost and loses things
likes Charms/Transfiguration
likes reading and writing a lot
hates flying, is not very apt at it either
would get into detention quite frequently

Ok it was meant to be just those 2 but just writing about it gave me new ideas, so you now get two other characters under the cuts:
[Character 3]
Character 3
haven't decided yet, but has to be different from ch.2. I want them to be siblings in different houses so, anything but Hufflepuff.
Age: 14
Blood status: half-blood
Personality traits:
very level-headed, confident, force of nature
has lots of friends, is well liked and popular
likes to get her hands dirty, probably skilled at Herbology and flying
would probably be a prefect at some point
likes group activities - I'm getting more and more persuaded she should be in Gryffindor really

[Character 4]
Character 4
Age: 17
Blood status: pure-blood
Personality traits:
this is sort of a minor character. we know of her that she is disloyal and two-faced
very visual person who loves luxury and magnificence
also artistically inclined but character 1 doesn't like her
good at Potions
very competitive person, would probably be into Quidditch
comes from a good family with good connections and would probably do something very prestigious
daughter of a journalist - maybe follow that career?

Please be as honest as you can also if you think that I've written something that's contradictory or unsound. I might still decide to take some poetic license and overlook it but I care about detail a lot. If I'm writing something wrong, at least I want to know I'm doing it :P

A real life post will follow!
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Friends cut

It's been roughly 6 months since my last cut and I feel better about doing things like these now. I suppose I want my LJ friends to participate actively in my life so if I don't see you comment, and I have no idea you're reading, or simply if I find that I haven't really clicked with what you've been writing, I am not going to pursue our online friendship.

  1. if I've added you from a friending meme from the last month, you get immunity as I don't feel that I know you yet.
  2. if you've added me before then, but you've left no comments or less than a handful, you get cut.
  3. if you've haven't commented a lot, but you've posted fairly regularly and I am enjoying reading your posts, then I've kept you.
  4. it could be that you post fairly regularly but I feel we haven't clicked, in which case I have removed you.
  5. if your journal hasn't been updated in 1+ years, then I will assume you have left Livejournal and I will cut. I like reading about people as much as I like them reading about me.
In addition to this, there were also a couple of people who I discovered cut me without notice. I'm used to people announcing when they make cuts, and being cut without warning is a bit of an unwelcome surprise. I have obviously cut them back.

If you can see this, then you're still here.

Comments are screened. If you think you've been removed in error/want another try, do let me know, but please don't send snark.

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Right so I've decided to finally do the friends cut I've been promising. It wasn't easy, like malicat said, When I went through my flist again, I was making excuses why I should keep one person or the other.
Ultimately, my criteria were:
  1. if I've added you from any friending meme in December 2011 or later, you get immunity.
  2. if you've added me before then, and you've never commented, you get cut.
  3. if you've added me before then, but we haven't interacted much and I basically feel like I don't have a clue who you are, I will cut.
  4. if your journal hasn't been updated in years, then I will assume you have left Livejournal and I will cut you. Unless obviously you're a RL friend.
If you can see this, then you're still here.

Comments are disabled. On one hand, I'm afraid of snark, on the other hand, this isn't a job interview and I would feel weird giving feedback about why I've cut you... if you think you've been cut in error (first time, accidents might happen!) comment on my friends only post, ok?
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Chuck 4x08

I don't normally post anything about tv but the last episode of Chuck really affected me, plus it ended with a cliffhanger which is pretty unusual for Chuck (even their end-of-season cliffhangers are never particularly suspenceful). I've finally found the time to re-watch it and verbalise how exactly it made me feel. Thank goodness it's only 2 days now until I find out how it continues.

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End of the epic ship meme: Day 29 and Day 30

I've been supertired and sleep deprived, and skipped day 29... but that's fine cos my answer to days 29 and 30 is the same, really. So I now present you my favourite proposal and my favourite ship forever and ever:

...forget the odd background music... this is the only video of this scene that could be embedded but they've added some seriously melodramatic music to it that doesn't quite sound like something happy's happening!!!

So, this is my favourite proposal. The other night we saw He's just not that into you and despite finding it mindblowingly boring there was this one cute proposal on it, and for a second I contemplated using it here just because I didn't want to repeat the same couple two posts in a row. The need to do that was scrapped when I didn't post yesterday :)
But anyway just for the record, the quote was: I need to make you happy for me to even have a shot at being happy (and after that, I'm deleting this film from my hard drive in 3, 2, 1...)

Chandler and Monica also win the title of favourite overall couple because they live in the real world, my world, and they are pretty much the poster children for people like me and Chiara who work hardhardhard to make things work every day and don't split up everytime we have a fight.

And with that, we conclude the 30 day meme, and I'm very proud to say I finished it on time, even if I did skip the occasional day. It was more exciting at the beginning, really, the last 10 days were a bit meh but that might just be cos I'm overworked. :/
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Ship meme - Day 28 - A pairing you will never understand?

I've just got back from Catherine's birthday dinner and I am stupidly sleepy and overworked, but since today's question was a pretty easy one, I'm going to squeeze in an answer before I go to bed.

My "pairing I will never understand" is Sheldon and Penny from The Big Bang Theory. I just don't see any kind of chemistry or UST between the two, and other than an alternate universe episode, dreamscape or something like that, I actually cannot believe people actually ship this couple. What show have they been watching?? Sheldon is a sociopath with OCD, he has trouble with the most basic of human relationships (family, friendship, coworkers) and people would like to see him in a romantic relationship? Do they realise how impossible this is? Especially as he does not like physical contact and is terrified of germs? So, despite the fact that these two are funny, they don't have to be funny in a romantic kind of way. They can be cute as friends. They must be cute as friends. To turn it into anything else means to completely negate the whole show, and I don't think they'd ever be so stupid!